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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2012|11:29 am]
Now blogging at Lifeguard of Love.

old entries are mostly

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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2010|01:19 pm]
Hey dudes. I more or less "blog" at Lifeguard of Love now. I would love to see u there.

Kaden & I are getting married in a week! After 7 years of engagement/living in sin!

That's my wedding theme, heehee. I heart Polyvore.

We have rings custom made by Siren Jewels, a local jewelry artist I found on Etsy. Our cake is being made by Melanie & Jordan at Bearded Lady Food Co. I bought my dress from my sister at David's Bridal & we're having our micro-honeymoon at McMenamin's Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, Oregon.

It will be wonderful!
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PA110620 [Oct. 11th, 2009|01:23 pm]

Originally uploaded by hotel hell
My parents grew the best carrot ever.
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In Olympia. [Jul. 5th, 2009|12:45 pm]
It's so funny to be away from the internet, and to be in such an uncool place as Bellingham at the same time. I'm out of touch (and bragging about it). Kaden and I talk about shit all the time, but I'm not "up" on shit like I used to be when I spent hours on the internet all day. My life isn't different except I used to know what "was cool" but not particularly care, and now I just don't even know. I mean, it's cool that way! But it's funny.

Sonic Youth's new album IS their best album in years.

Have we ever gotten to go swimming on the 4th of July before? I think not. Molly and James came over to my parents' house, and we went out on the lake, drinking beers, stopping the boat (it's a funny flat-bottomed boat) out in the middle of Pattison Lake and swimming. A live band was playing bad country and classic rock covers. I backfloated with my ears under water listening to "Last Dance with Mary Jane" looking up at the round blue sky; it was very, very cool. Later the people across the lake put on a billion dollar fireworks display, and Cree & Kristina came over and we had a small recreational fire, where Cree & I talked about people in our pasts and all those weird vegan girls we used to know. I love everyone.

Last time I was here, I said, My Heart is in Olympia. But I up & took it with me when we went home to Bellingham, and I've loved Bellingham more & more ever since. I dragged my heart back along with me for this trip, and boy...there's no place like Thurston County. I think the trees are bigger out here. Or maybe we're just farther out of the city. I love living where I do in Bellingham; downtown & everything you could really need is within walking distance, but we live in a neighborhood with lots of trees & yards, still. We got Cabela's reclining lawn chairs for my birthday, and we sit out in them with our view of the bay at sunsets; it can't be beat. I have the firmness of love in my belly, and it is for both places. I would live in either one, with love. With love.

Kaden & I want to get married this summer, but I don't think we have time. But we want to get married in summer, so we'll have to wait til NEXT summer!

I finally went to the doctor last week, I have health insurance now, and they said "You have a lot of health concerns. You can either talk about your health concerns or have a pap smear." I chose the pap smear, but did get an inhaler to manage my asthma as well. The pap smear didn't hurt, but the doctor & nurse said I was just "being brave." But it really didn't hurt! I don't remember it ever being painful (that was only my 3rd one). Am I more relaxed than 99% of women or something????

My sister gets "Cosmopolitan". OMG funniest shit EVER!!!!!!!!

I miss reading all yalls live journals, and the blogs I used to read, and wardrobe_remix and stuff, but damn, I think not being on the internet has changed my life for the better SO MUCH. (although I do like Top 5s on Facebook a LOT). Plus, I don't know how ANYONE has time for tv and internet. I only work 6.5 hours a day now, and I still barely have time to do anything but jog & cook & clean & grocery shop & read.

My inner life has been exciting. I have been trying out this spiritual journey stuff, but I am trying SO HARD, it is silly; it is EASY, and trying so hard is self-defeating. It is the ego that tries hard, and the spirit is set free by ease. It's funny. But what can you do. (let it go & love freely!). Whenever you take a trip you start with a question & return either with an answer or having forgotten the question.
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2009|02:09 am]
I can now direct my friends to
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(no subject) [May. 10th, 2009|03:53 pm]
When I come back to Olympia (I'm here now), and spend time with my family, I do not know what I am doing in Bellingham. I am satisfied with my life in Bellingham, I am happy, Kaden and I have a great time together, all of the time. I have done stuff in Bellingham that I never would've done otherwise, like take a yoga class, jog 2 miles in the mornings, run a 5k, and learn to cook. I am employed full time, though I am not making much money, and I love our apartment more than anywhere I've ever lived.

BUT MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS ARE NOT THERE. I hadn't seen my parents since the mid-March. I'm gonna hang out with Brianna later, before I go home, but I couldn't even see Cree this trip. We have been sort-of planning to go to Portland and visit Amber over Memorial Day Weekend (since we haven't seen her IN A YEAR), but we might not, because it might be our only chance to see Kaden's brother Eric, who we also have not seen IN A YEAR.

I wonder how long it takes to go without seeing your friends before they aren't your friends any more. I'm really sad about it because we are friends with some of the best people in the whole entire world, and I never ever want to lose touch with them. Haven't yet.

The good thing is, your family is always your family, as long as you want them to be.

I don't want to move to Fargo or Nebraska or North Carolina or New Mexico. I hope we don't move any farther than Eugene for Kaden to do his PhD (we don't know ANYTHING about what might happen in the next couple of years, it's just theory). I just want to move home to Olympia.

My parents are moving to Corpus Christi, Texas, in a couple years. Then we'll be far away from them again, unless Kaden gets a job teaching at Texas A & M Corpus Christi, ha ha ha.

I was just talking to Cree about if Kaden does the Pacific Crest Trail after he graduates, it will take him 7 months, and I will move in with Cree & Kristina, because they'll own their own house by then.

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday!!!!!!!!
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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2009|04:14 pm]
Do you ever get obsessed with an article of clothing that you used to have? I used to have these:

Of course they are now next to impossible to find, but I MUST have them again! I keep thinking, wtf would I have done with those, why would I not have saved them??? They're like my ideal shoe. I must have gotten rid of them during one of many unfortunate cleaning sprees where I seem to have gotten rid of everything I liked and kept everything I didn't.

Any recommendations of where to find hard-to-find shoes?
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(no subject) [Apr. 11th, 2009|06:51 pm]
I feel like I should post. But all I could update would be little pieces of what I am doing...

taking a yoga class, dreaming of working in the service industry at a national park, just started lifting weights, doing what we never thought we'd do which is depending on the computer to listen to music instead of albums, drank a lot of beer last night...

actually that was funny, we went to see Sugar Sugar Sugar again, they played at this weird place called night life, it's this HUGE venue, and everyone there were bros and hos or hippies. I accidentally got wasted pretty much before they even started; it was a good show I think but I couldn't even connect with it like I did last time they played. and we were curious to see the seemingly locally famous Yogoman Burning Band (ps. can't stand them they're like a cross between a jam band and a ska band, pretty much my worst nightmare), but they started out by telling a story about how they took their tour vehicle to a mechanic but they'd only run out of gas and I started crying and could NOT stop because once when I was really little that happened to my dad, and where he was working you got a bonus if you NEVER MISSED WORK ALL YEAR, and the place was in Kent, which is more than an hour from where we lived, and he had gone to work sick all year, and his car fucking broke down, and he missed work, lost the bonus that we really needed...and his car was just out of gas. The gas gauge was broken and he didn't know and thought it just could not be...then I remembered a time when he was on a plane and he'd saved the muffin they gave as a "meal" and went to the bathroom during a stopover and someone boarding sat in his seat and squished the muffin with his knee...I was drunk and just kept crying, Kaden went to the rest room and I stood outside crying and crying and crying thinking about these two sad things that happened to my dad...we went outside and I kept crying, Kaden's like do you want to go home and I'm like nooooooooo, do you want to go to Cap's (right next door) and I'm like OK so we went there and the bartenders were really nice and wearing funny t-shirts and everything was OK but we slept aaaaaaaaaaaall day today.

Kaden got offered a job at my work, without interviewing or asking about it or anything, but it's the opposite schedule from mine, and he wasn't planning on working in the summer anyway.

I hardly ever go online but when I do I tend to be spending more time on Facebook (like everybody), so add me. My name is Liina Koivula and my email is I assume you can find me using those pieces of information.
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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2009|01:27 am]
I should totally be sleeping.
I fear every picture I post here has probably been posted before.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2009|12:40 am]
Today I filled out a FAFSA so that I might perhaps go to Whatcom Community College to become a Paralegal next year. I mentioned thinking of it once and my parents got obsessed with it.


I KNOW my passion is for copy machines. I fucking love copy machines. There are job opportunities with IKON Office Solutions all around the US of A.

I love copy machines.
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